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Established in 2020, HMS Community emerged in response to the escalating ambulance callouts, emergency room visits, and hospitalisations in the Sunbury and Macedon Ranges districts during the COVID-19 pandemic. Pioneering a groundbreaking initiative within Australia, we became the first organisation to introduce a Community Paramedic-led program, offering essential, personalised healthcare services to the people of the Macedon Ranges and its neighboring areas. HMS was founded by two dedicated healthcare professionals committed to providing accessible and inclusive healthcare to individuals who otherwise faced barriers in accessing it.

Recognising a gap in the healthcare system for those needing more support than their general practitioner could offer, yet not requiring hospitalisation, the charity, now known as HMS Community, was created. The aim was clear: To provide essential healthcare to the local community and help avoid unnecessary hospital visits.

What sets the charity’s Community Paramedic-led program apart is its holistic approach to healthcare. Tailored to meet the unique needs of each participant, the program considers not just their physical health but also the social and emotional well-being of each person. HMS exists to empower every participant to lead healthier, more independent lives.

HMS Community has grown to become an indispensable asset to the community of Sunbury and the Macedon Ranges over the last three years.

Our program has positively impacted the lives of hundreds, enabling them to feel supported and empowering individuals and families to take ownership of their healthcare journey. Our goal is to continue to improve the overall well-being of the community.

HMS Community recently established its presence in Gisborne, Victoria with the opening of our home base at 2/18 Brantome Street 3437.

This significant development marks a huge step forward in our mission to enhance healthcare accessibility for residents in rural areas. The new home base will embody our commitment to a shared care model and a collaborative approach, offering the community a comprehensive and tailored healthcare experience.

Our base and soon to open clinic will operate with a multidisciplinary team comprising of Community Paramedics, Nurse Practitioners, General Practitioners (GPs), Registered Cannabinoid Practitioners, Community Nurses, and allied health professionals.

Together, we will deliver holistic, coordinated care, fostering seamless communication and personalised treatment plans for each patient.

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Cultural sensitivity and collaboration are at the core of HMS Community's values. We actively partner with organisations like the Sunbury Aboriginal Corporation (SAC) to ensure culturally appropriate health services and equitable access to quality healthcare for all residents.

With our continuing commitment towards inclusivity, we have registered with the Welcome Here Project. We are proud members, standing up for LGBTQIA inclusion, and want everybody to feel welcomed and accepted at HMS Community. We embrace and value diversity and are committed to celebrating diverse communities. We all have the power and responsibility to encourage positive and social change.

We're proud to partner with a number of organisations like Cygnet Family Practice in Tasmania, home to Australia's first Nurse Practitioner/Paramedic Practitioner-led urgent care service, led by Nurse Practitioner Kerrie Duggan. Through collaboration and shared knowledge, we collectively learn and evolve, driving positive change in healthcare. Click here to learn more about their groundbreaking work.

As we continue to grow and evolve, our charity remains committed to improving the overall well-being of the communities we serve. Join us on this journey as we strive to make a positive impact, one life at a time.

Welcome to HMS Community, where healthcare meets heart, through our charitable and collaborative approach.